On Monday, 8th of January 2018, the Ditshimega Projects and Training team went to Tebogwana comprehensive high school to reward academic excellence with bursaries in excess of R500 000 towards tertiary studies for the 2017 matriculants who did exceptionally well.
Tebogwana high school is one of the top performing schools in Tshwane and achieved a pass mark of 92.4%.

The top three pupils received R55 000, R42 000 and R40 000 respectively. The pupils between 4th and 10th place were awarded R30 000 to R25 000.Matriculants from 11th place up to 20th were granted R7 000, from 21st to 30th R6 000 in financial assistance, and from 31st to 37th the pupils were given R5000 to go towards their educational needs.

This project was part of the plough back initiative by the company’s director who is an alumni of Tebogwana high school himself. He saw it important for the company to give back to the same community that contributed to his growth and hopes that these pupils who have received bursaries will inspire those in lower grades to perform well. And also in future one day they will also contribute to their community.