South Africa has been faced with a challenge of high unemployment rate, and a lack of well-trained engineers, As indicated in our mission statement we like to concern ourselves with such pertinent issues hence we always ensure that whenever we acquire new contracts we try and accommodate as many engineering students as we can afford so they can complete their practical modules and earn some worthwhile experience in the process.


Our SAICE & ECSA registered engineers (including the company director) particularly embrace the challenge whenever called upon as this is one field where they received most of their practical training during their early years in the engineering trade; Hence Ditshimega has an undoubtedly enormous capacity as we have more than adequate resources to carry out consulting contracts, using modern day devices, software and methods to attain conclusive results, and a vastly skilled pool of permanently employed office support staff to assist with the admin of consulting projects.

General Building Construction

It is often underestimated the kind of preparation and the sustenance of discipline it requires for one to start and successfully complete a building project in a timely fashion, hence we apply the same attention to detail as with other projects and deploy our very own experienced building professionals to such projects and it is because of this commitment to always render a quality service to our clients that we have never deserted a contract or failed to complete any building contract on time using quality materials and equipment.


Ditshimega Projects and Training geomatics department is an engineering survey branch that specializes in a variety of land surveying fields such as: CADASTRAL SURVEYING
A type of surveying that marks property boundaries and relocating them.
Is a type of surveying that deals with the groundwork for highways, dams, subways, buildings, etc.
Is a branch of survey that identifies and maps the contours of the ground and existing features on the surface of the earth or slightly above or below the earth’s surface(i.e. Trees, Buildings, Streets, Walkways, Manholes, Utility Poles, Retaining Walls, etc)

Contracts Management

With a professional staff complement of over twenty (20) employees, we always make sure that we apply a painstakingly precise attention to detail approach when dealing with contracts administration, as this is one element where the detriment or success of contracts is determined even before the inception of Civil/Construction works.

It mainly requires a thorough knowledge of construction/building standards and regulations, and a reasonable amount of experience coupled with a notable possession of technical ability; which is what Ditshimega proudly boasts with our in-house professional engineers, designers, surveyors and building technicians.