Being the oldest CSI beneficiary on the Ditshimega roster, and providing an important and very necessary lifeline to the youths of Ga-Rankuwa and surrounding areas; the efforts of this club should not be undermined just because their efforts are done through sports. Because sports is vital to the development of a child through the following aspects:

  • Physical development,
  • Self Esteem and Confidence builder
  • Instills discipline,
  • Develops decision making abilities,
  • Setting and achieving goals to better oneself

Most of all it keeps them away from the streets.


Ditshimega and the community appreciates the time that these mentors take not just to teach what they love but to guide, nurture young lives and concern themselves with the well being of others through sports engagement; and all those efforts, they expect nothing in return but the success of their football club members(On & Off the Field).


Hence Lorna Fast XI was adopted as a beneficiary, because we at Ditshimega hold a staunch belief that “Intervention for a better life is not one dimensional but as diverse as the communities we live in, thus every platform provided we shall exploit and intervene to our best”