About Us


Company Overview

Established in 2013 when the company’s director Mr. ZD. Ranta (affectionately known as Sakkie) embarked on furthering his career as a civil engineering contractor. The company started off as a small company focusing on subcontracting and helping other companies on contracts management expertise. It is these expertise, and vast knowledge of the industry possessed by the Ditshimega team which propelled Ditshimega Project and Training to become a force to be reckoned with in the civil and construction contracting.

Ditshimega Projects and Training primarily specializes in civil engineering, general building construction, both as contractors and consultants, Land surveying, and Contracts Admin. All projects receive our utmost personal attention to detail guaranteeing and assuring the highest quality of workmanship, done within schedule and budget. A lean business model along with over 30 years of combined experience between the Ditshimega team in the civil engineering and building industry allows for efficiency and proficiency delivered in the most professional manner. Every project is held to the highest standards to ensure completion is on time and within budget. Ditshimega Project and Training retains the outstanding professional standards and motivated sub-contractors for all its projects, pain-staking approach to detail is at the centre of all our projects.

Our Vision

In order to achieve our objectives we aspire to:

To become nationally recognized and preferred supplier, construction and distribution services to the government and society at large. To become a self-sufficient business enterprise by the second decade of the 21st century. To become a pioneer in job creation projects, especially not forgetting women, disabled youth and HDI.

Lobby for the stringent tender system with regards to awarding criteria especially the public works program across all sectors of construction, supply and distribution. To become a well preferred listed entity within five (5) years of operation. To encourage contribute towards the development of our communities especially, women, disabled, youth programs, but not compromising our set objectives of growth in the country.

Our  Mission:

To provide the highest standards, integrity and a personal commitment to excellence for each and every project. A passion for the finest civil and building of both new construction, civil works, refurbishment, demolition and modeling. Our goal is to provide the best quality, professional service while performing at the highest level for every project.

Provide quality construction services and healthy, hygienic business to our clients. To become a relevant industrial, relevant leader by the way of service and products rendered to our clients. Add value to our clients’ need and satisfaction on the services rendered. Consolidation of DITSHIMEGA PROJECTS in every way possible without violating the applicable and required laws of the country. Get into strategic partnership with relevant industry players. Expand our services to the rest of the country by sharing our experiences with our fellows and those enhancing our own knowledge.

Ditshimega Projects & Training cc is 100% black as defined in the BEE act of 2003, as such we contribute a stipulated percentage of our income as per the BEE Act requirements, to black previously disadvantaged beneficiaries in different areas of development.


As Ditshimega Projects we like to concern ourselves with solutions, solutions to ongoing challenges faced by everyday people like ourselves, and we would not only like to assist people/entities through those challenges but also present an opportunity for growth, hence we commit ourselves to the following areas of concern within our society.

        1. Business Mentoring to small developing companies in our sector
        2. Extramural & Sports development Sponsorship
        3. Assistance to the Aged and terminally Ill through a legally registered and operational Hospice.

And whilst this is the only initiative we are currently in partnership with, our program is not limited to Sports Development as we have other organisations which are currently being assessed by our Public Outreach team for beneficiary approval.


  • Grade 9CE PE
  • Grade 8GB PE
  • Grade 7SB PE


We have in our employ and management professional Engineers registered with ECSA & SAICE respectively; and the company itself is accredited and registered with the following bodies:

        1. CIDB
        2. SAFCEC
        3. SABTACO
        4. NHBRC
        5. Verified Level 1 BEE Vendor

We currently are the 100% sponsors of a local football team based in Ga-Rankuwa called Lorna Fast XI, which has three age divisions and the older division plays in the Castle football league division.